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Liesl Frank

Kinesiology ~ Facial Radiance

Even from a young child, I always knew that I wanted to help people. At that age, I just didn’t know how. Fast-forward to the 00’s and I knew I had found the way. Of course, it took a crash & burn and a bout of depression for me to finally find my true calling. And that is to help people transform their lives, just like mine was transformed.

I knew that Kinesiology works, because it worked for me. It helped me overcome depression; low self-confidence & self-esteem; the impacts of bullying & sexual assault; feelings of being unworthy of love. Does it sound like I was a bit of a mess? Well I was, and now I am a completely different person. Actually I am the new “old me”, the “true me” that I had drifted so far away from. And I want to help you do the same.

Holistic Kinesiology

  • Are you ready to Create & Embrace Your New Life?
  • Do you want to greet each day with an energy and enthusiasm for life?
  • Do you want an active social life full of joy, laughter and good times?
  • Do you want the motivation to start (and finish) projects, and commit to your self-care intentions, whatever they may be?
  • What are your dreams and passions?

Who is the ideal “you”? Are you ready to reconnect with that person and get started on your new life? A life where you are brimming with self-confidence and trust in your instincts to go for that promotion, negotiate that pay rise, or ask that person out on a date!

All this is possible with the help of Kinesiology. In your sessions you will discover the subconscious blocks that are stopping you from living the life that you want. I specialise in: Stress; Anxiety; Depression; Self-confidence; Self-esteem; Love; Romantic relationships; Bullying; Sexual assault; Career; Insomnia; Creativity; Self-care; Family relationships; Motivation; Finances

Facial Radiance
Welcome to an hour of Bliss (or an hour & a half of extra extra bliss). One from which you will awaken feeling refreshed, relaxed and radiant. Feel all of the tension in your face melt away as you fall into a deep meditative state.

Facial Radiance is a unique massage technique (only using energetic essences on my fingers) that gently focuses attention on the muscles and energy meridians of your face, neck and scalp. It reaches deep into the layers of your skin improving its tone and elasticity.

Who is Facial Radiance for? It can be enjoyed by anyone. Women love it and Men love it!!!

  • If you want to halt the sands of time (without resorting to knives or injections)
  • If you want to look bright and fresh for a special occasions (it’s great in the lead up to weddings or for one off events)
  • If you want to get out of your head for an hour (you know – too much over thinking)
  • If you want to just be able to relax and have some “you time” and feel & look amazing afterwards


  • Wednesday 2:30pm-9pm

Health Fund rebates available with Kinesiology

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